That´so Spray­tanning

We can conjure up a natural, even and fresh tan for your skin within a few minutes with just one spray tan treatment.
Here’s how it works:


At-home preparation
For perfect results, use a body scrub (without oil additives) the day before treatment.

Application at the salon
The airbrush method is used to spray a lotion made from natural, vegan and certified ingredients onto your skin. This develops an even tan on your skin – without any unpleasant smells or orange lines. Spray tanning is best suited for people with fair skin or those who are allergic to the sun.

Tip: We recommend wearing loose and preferably dark clothing on the day of your tanning appointment. You can shower or bathe after an application time of approx. 3 hours. After the first shower the spray tan will no longer run.

20 mins.  CHF 75.–

Course of 4 treatments:
CHF 250.– (You save CHF 50.–)

Do you have any questions about Spraytanning? We will be happy to advise you.


that'so spraytanning

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