A Swiss family-run business guarantees ultimate quality and incomparable treatment methods. Discover the unique Valmont range at Beauty Care in Zurich.

Since 1985, the essence of Valmont cosmetics has been based a selection of effective anti-ageing products. The Valmont skincare range is based on its natural Swiss surroundings, preserved and pure, combining fine Alpine ingredients with innovative scientific expertise to achieve optimum quality. Eisfeld water is at the heart of Valmont cosmetics and allows skin cell transfers which revitalise the cell mechanisms and stimulate self-protection of skin cells. This exclusive and pure water is found at an altitude of 2,000 metres, a local place directly at the foot of the Valais glacier. However, the rich heritage of natural Swiss resources can also be seen in the unbelievable Valmont phyto-alpine garden. A unique garden situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the village of Vens. Inside a fully controlled and pure environment, Valmont cultivates eight different plants which are selected for their unusual skincare properties.

At Beauty Care in Zurich, you can experience a unique kind of pampering with exclusive Valmont care products. Click here to view the facials


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