Beauty requires care

In this day and age, who isn’t familiar with looking in the mirror in the morning and not being satisfied. Lack of sleep, fresh air and everyday stress leave their marks on our faces.

There are various approaches to resolve this dilemma: reflecting on inner values or avoiding mirrors altogether. Those who don’t want to resign themselves to fate come to Beauty Care. After all, we know that beauty is above all a matter of proper care and professional advice. And we know a thing or two about that.
Take a break from everyday life in the elegant surroundings of our beauty oasis situated in Zurich’s old town and let our team of ten certified professionals take care of your beauty needs: with scientifically proven treatment methods, high-quality products and a good dose of expertise and passion that have shaped the success of Beauty Care since its establishment in 1997.

After visiting us, I promise you’ll like what you see when you look in the mirror. Morning after morning.

Warm regards,
Andrea Persterer, Swiss-certified beautician
and the Beauty Care team

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