A glowing tint and fine pores – REVIDERM products have been following this objective since 1986. They are perfectly tailored to your individual skin type and are extremely compatible. REVIDERM combines medical research and technology with highly effective cosmetics.

With the advanced devices, dermocosmetic products and treatments from REVIDERM, we can improve your complexion in the long term. Examples include the high-quality skintelligence products. No matter whether you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, the skintelligence product range from REVIDERM is perfectly tailored to your requirements. The ingredients unfurl their powers exactly where they will achieve the best results. The regeneration process is effectively boosted at all levels. It slows down the ageing process of your skin, stimulates its regeneration and increases its resistance for a fresh, visibly healthier appearance and youthful firmness.

The highly effective anti-ageing ingredients of the skintelligence range:

Hyaluronic acid adds deep-acting moisture to your skin. Even rough, stressed skin becomes smoother and softer as a result. Q10 provides your cells with new energy and fights off free radicals. Vitamin C strengthens your connective tissue and promotes natural collagen formation. It also protects your skin against oxidative stress caused by UV and ozone radiation. Enzymes make the collagen fibres in your skin elastic and appear younger. Your complexion is rosy and clear, your pores are soft and refined. ECM is a multifunctional ingredient that protects the skin against harmful influences in the long term. OPC from grape seeds is the most effective antioxidant and slows down the skin’s ageing process.


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