Medical Facials/Peels

A glowing complexion and fine pores: this is what characterises beautiful skin. We achieve visible results that meet the highest demands with effective peels and microdermabrasion treatments from REVIDERM.

Together with leading dermatologists, REVIDERM has been developing unique care concepts since 1986. Always tailored to the individual skin type and highly compatible. At Beauty Care, you can enjoy the benefits of these brilliant dermocosmetic products with exclusive facials.




The REVIDERM peel provides an energy boost for your skin. The unique peel consists of a complex of fruit-based acids which remove dead skin cells and brighten skin. It consists of alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids. These exfoliate the skin in a uniform, gentle way. The peel is ideal for treating pigment disorders, acne, scars and to improve the appearance of sun-damaged, tired and dull skin or skin with large pores.

60 Min. CHF 170.–


REVIDERM Cell Regeneration with Hydro Mask
Microdermabrasion treatment with hydro mask to regenerate and stimulate demanding skin. The hydro mask (collagen fleece & cast) replenishes moisture deposits in the skin. The skin feels firmer and smoother.
120 Min. CHF 330.–

REVIDERM Rebalance Hydro Impact

This calming treatment quickly balances out the skin with long-lasting results, creating an even, calm complexion.
120 Min. CHF 260.–

REVIDERM Oxygen III-Step (oxygen treatment)
This special treatment optimises cell metabolism. The skin feels soft, rosy, smooth and rejuvenated. Ideal for mature, sun-damaged skin, for smoker’s skin and to even out stressed skin.
120 Min. CHF 330.–

REVIDERM Premium Skin Contouring
A premium treatment for the special customer with high demands. For ultimate deep-penetrating moisturisation, rejuvenation and repair at the highest level. Tired and stressed skin is instantly revitalised and wrinkles are visibly reduced (includes microdermabrasion).
120 Min. CHF 380.–

Express treatment
The duration of each treatment can be tailored to your requirements.
60 Min. CHF 195.–


REVIDERM has developed a special treatment to support skin in need of care, such as puberty or hormone-related impurities, couperose, irritations or scars. If the individual care goal is reached, special products can then assist with age prevention. The system is optimised by incorporating microdermabrasion.

Deep cleansing
For a pure, clear and even complexion.
90 mins CHF 210.–
60 mins CHF 160.–

For our teenagers, students and trainees up to 25 years of age
60 mins CHF 95.–

Deep cleansing with microdermabrasion
90 mins CHF 265.–

For our teenagers, students and trainees up to 25 years of age
60 mins CHF 185.–

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