Permanent makeup and microblading

With permanent makeup or microblading, you can enjoy the feeling of always looking good. Permanent makeup from Beauty Care emphasises your best natural features, helping you look perfect any time of day.

Style your eyebrows with permanent makeup

Eyebrows can be completely reshaped with permanent makeup. Thin or misshaped brows are permanently corrected using permanent makeup. Individual hairs are finely drawn and subtly filled out. You cannot tell that missing hairs have been filled in with good permanent makeup. Of course, the ideal shape is pre-drawn and tailored to meet your specifications.


Microblading is an innovative way of styling and shaping irregular growing eyebrow hairs. Instead of using a tattoo needle on the brows, individual hairs are created by hand using a tool made of several fine needles and filled with pigment. The effect is three-dimensional and completely natural. The newly drawn eyebrow hairs are barely distinguishable from the natural eyebrow hairs. The drawn strokes are just as thin as human hair.


Permanent Make-up Lidstrich Zürich

Eyeliner with permanent makeup for added depth

Do you want expressive eyes? Then permanent eyeliner is the perfect choice for you. Permanent makeup is added to the upper and lower eyelid to permanently accentuate the eyes. This can help to cover up a lack of eyelashes. A soft contour with the right colour makes eyes appear larger and more beautiful. Thanks to the various needle thicknesses, we are able to subtly enhance the eyelashes or emphasise the eyelid with a bolder liner. 





Permanent brows
CHF 600.– to CHF 800.–

Microblading brows
CHF 500.– to CHF 700.–

Eyeliner lower lash line
CHF 550.– 

Eyeliner upper lash line
CHF 750.– 

Eyeliner lower and upper lash lines
CHF 1150.– 

Individual eyeliner touch-up
CHF 400.– 



Hygiene and safety with permanent makeup

At our institute, we work with state-of-the-art and highly developed pigment devices from Swiss Color®. These accurate devices with disposable hygiene modules ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene. All hygiene modules are individually packaged and are sterile. We always use hygienic disposable gloves when carrying out our treatments.

Good to know: Swiss Color® products are certified by Eyeco High Level Quality Control. This quality seal represents hygienic products and conforms to the legal requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

Thanks to her talent as well as in-depth expertise and continuous further training, Naama will amaze you with her steady hand and ultimate precision with beautiful permanent makeup or microblading.

Naama Studer – Your permanent makeup and microblading expert

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