LPG® Endermologie

LPG® is an innovative company that everyone is talking about thanks to its internationally renowned Endermologie anti-cellulite and firming treatment. Endermologie combines the optimum effects of patented technology to intensively and rapidly stimulate the skin. It combats all unsightly appearances in the face and body in a natural way (wrinkles, sagging skin, unruly circles, cellulite…)



LPG® Endermologie for the face

Endermologie is a real workout for the skin. The patented treatment head encourages the synthesis of rejuvenating substances in a natural manner. Cell stimulation promotes the production of fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The result is increased firmness and elasticity in the face.

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LPG® Endermologie for the body

Endermologie breaks down resistant subcutaneous fat and improves the skin’s appearance (cellulite, firmness). Thanks to its technology, sequential suction, with two independent motorised rollers and suction chamber, acts directly on the fat cells in the underlying skin (hypodermis) and on fibroblasts in the dermis (rejuvenating cells).

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