La Prairie

At Beauty Care in Zurich, you can enjoy luxurious skincare treatments from La Prairie for the face and body. Experience the incomparable results of this luxurious care line.

To revitalise the skin, La Prairie uses the exclusive Cellular Complex, which provide nutrients such as glycoproteins, ginseng root and horsetail extracts. Your skin is nourished with new energy and deep-acting moisture. The company was founded at the renowned La Prairie clinic in Montreux. For more than half a century, the clinic has been a leader in the area of cellular anti-ageing treatments, whose unique success has been proven with thousands of visitors from around the world. After many years of research work, scientists at the La Prairie clinic announced the launch of a cellular care system in 1978, which later revolutionised the science of skincare. Since 1982, the La Prairie laboratory has been an independent company specialising in the development of innovative skincare. Highly effective products are produced here which help to correct and prevent existing skin problems and successfully combat premature skin ageing.

At Beauty Care in Zurich, we pamper you with exclusive and highly effective facial treatments from La Prairie. These include the Caviar Firming Facial, a Pure Gold Radiance Facial or the popular Swiss Cellular Anti-Aging Facial. 

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